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1: Where is MeatRoot's meat sourced from?

We source meat from only the best brands and free range farms that meet our quality standards and allow their animals to live in conditions we approve of.

2: How fresh is MeatRoot's meat?

We at MeatRoot operate only against orders. We do not store anything frozen as far as fresh supply is concerned. Once we close our orders we start to process all the orders in a very custom fashion. Every pack is custom handled to incorporate all the instructions shared at the time of placing order. We do not encourage default packs as dimensions of pieces differs from preparation to preparation. For example, salad requires smaller cubes whereas biryani required bigger pieces. And all this happens just couple of hours before the delivery. Post processing packet gets stored at 4 degree celsius just to chill those packs. Temprature at this stage is carefully maintained ensuring meat texture stays unaffected and firm.

3: Which products come under frozen range?

MeatRoot is an exclusive platform for meat & meat products. Apart from fresh meat, we do have processed delicacies like ready to cook starters, cold cuts, Sausages, imported fish, etc. We also keep few indian fish in frozen range to keep up with the demand.

4: Is frozen meat healthy?

Freezing is the best method of extending the useful shelf life of meat. It preserves freshness, taste, nutritional value and quality. The freezing process itself does not destroy nutrients and there is little change in nutrient value during freezer storage. Small amounts of nutrients (salts, peptides, amino acids, and watersoluble vitamins) may be lost as drip when the meat is thawed. The freshness of frozen meat can be maintained for up to 6 months under appropriate storage conditions while unrefrigerated meat can go stale and spoil within a day.

5: What is IQF?

Individual Quick Frozen. It is the technique in which seafoods are frozen as individual pieces by direct CONTACT with nitrogen vapours and liquid nitrogen spray. This is the only process whereby, virtually all the properties of most of the parent foodstuffs can be preserved.IQF is a preferred method over usual block freezing because consumers can use only as much of the product as they need, eliminating the need to defrost the whole box.

6: How is frozen fish through IQF technique better than fresh fish?

So called fresh fish actually takes minimum 2-3 days to reach your kitchen. During the transit period, it is preserved using methods like block freezing, dry ice, etc. causing cellular damage and moisture loss. Where in IQF, the catch is quickly cleaned, spread out (to prevent clumping) and frozen by passing through a sophisticated machine. The rapid freezing helps to preserve the texture and moisture of the product saving a dry, chewy texture when thawed.

7: Do you follow halal standards?

Yes, our suppliers for frozen and fresh meat follow halal standards.

8: How will my meat stay fresh whilst being delivered?

All the products will be delivered in a vehicle having a frozen container. This means the freshness is sealed in once frozen and delivered to you in great condition. Once delivered, all you have to do is pop your meat into the freezer and its as easy as that.

9: I want an item that I can't see on the website, are you able to provide it for me?

Nine times out of ten we can ‒ there are very few cuts that we can't provide for you. Just give us a call or send us an email we'd be more than happy to discuss the items that you would like not currently on our website.

10: Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order.

11: Do you deliver on the same day?

Yes, Of Course!
We currently operate in two slots, morning (7am-10.30am) & evening (4pm-7.30pm). Delivery slots allocation get handled dynamically so there is no time cut-off to close on a certain slot.

12: Are there any delivery charges?

No. MeatRoot provides free home delivery.

13: When do you deliver?

We deliver on all days with convenient delivery slots as morning (7-10.30am) & evening(4-7.30pm).

14: Where do you deliver?

We support almost all the pin codes of Pune.

15: Are the prices inclusive of tax?

Yes, the stated prices are inclusive of tax.

16: Can I pay by cash?

Yes, we do provide Cash on Delivery payment option.

17: What payment types do you accept?

We accept credit and debit cards (VISA / Mastercard/ Maestro/diners).

18: How will I know MeatRoot has confirmed my order?

You will receive a detailed confirmation email.

19: How do I modify my order?

Give MeatRoot a call ASAP, quoting your reference number.

20: Can I cancel my order?

Cancellation will be considered only if requested within 1 hour of order placement. However, there won't be any cancellation if order is in process state. For fresh category order, there won't be any cancellation as being fresh they have very less shelf life and can not be given to any other customer. We can possibly store the order for 12 hours in our cold storage and deliver it as frozen at next slot with incurred charges of Rs. 30/.

21: I don't like sharing my details on the internet. How safe it is?

Our website uses the latest secure technology to keep your data safe and your privacy is completely respected.

22: The meat is being delivered late. Where is it?

While we strive to deliver your orders on time, sometimes issues can arise due to unforeseen factors like traffic and so on. Please contact MeatRoot to find out where your order is.

23: My transaction failed but money was deducted from my account. What do I do?

Your money is safe and will be refunded. Do not worry.

24: I have a question that is not listed above. Who can I speak to?

You can call us on +91‐9765197365 or visit the Contact Us page. We will do our best to get back to you in 24 hours.

25: Are there any flexible delivery slots?

Yes. User gets to select from two slots, morning and evening. It works better when it comes to fresh meat. Why to store your meat from morning if you are planning to use it for dinner.